I have had a fascination with technology since I was a kid. Taking things apart and putting them back together was a standard day growing up. That fasination naturally led to a career in web development where I can solve problems using code. Check out my work for recent projects.

My goal in web development is to solve issues while helping to create beautiful user friendly websites. After learning your goal for a website, we talk about where you want to go and how your website can help with that. Online web presence is crucial in today's age, and I want to help you. Contact me


Foothills had a malware attack on their wordpress site. After fixing the attack they wanted a more secure user friendly site. We started with Craft CMS as the foundation, from there we built a natural navigation path for users that was complemented by beautiful photos.

Built with:

Craft CMS, Twig, Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, and SSL

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The Merlo Foundation

The Merlo Foundation habilitates mentally handicapped children in Guatemala. They wanted a website that can share what they were doing and partner with people who want to help the cause.

Built with:

Wordpress, and Just Host

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I am a media Technology student, who is fascinated with technology in the various shapes and sizes that it comes. I have focused my energy on problem solving through web developent.

It turns out that people like problems being solved and not having to work as hard. I love what I do and I am here to help.


When you email me your email is not going into the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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